This site is named for and dedicated to my beautiful grandmother, Hollie, who reared me from a child as her very own. She possessed an outstanding character trait that is becoming very rare among us modern day women. She was wonderfully, magnificently contented.

As I look back on her life now from an adult woman's point of view, I find her to be astonishing. My Grandmother did not posses any of the world's riches or conveniences that we today consider a must for housekeeping. You see, my Grandmother didn't have the luxury of electricity or hot and cold running water in her house. Neither did she have a telephone or a vehicle. And yet, she would tell you she had all she needed, and indeed she did. She gained great contentment in looking after and taking care of me and my Grandfather, making delicious simple meals, canning all the vegetables and fruits she and my Grandfather grew in their gardens, and making warm quilts to put on our beds. And she enjoyed the fellowship of neighbors and her church family. And the end of the day would find her sitting on the front porch, enjoying the cool evening breeze that is common in the mountains or in the winter sitting by the fireplace having freshly popped corn.

She was a living example to me that it is not "things" which bring contentment, but is instead a faith and heart condition. Hebrews 13:5 says "and be content with such things as ye have: for He hath said I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee" and I Tim. 6:8 says "and having food and rainment, let us be therewith content". My Grandmother was living proof of this. I strive every day to be like her. I hope she has encouraged you, also.